Another Review

A review from Chain D.L.K warning you about what to expect from The Great Sonic Wave.

Can you imagine the possible noises which could rise from mauled innards of a braggart former fakir after he ingested hundreds a heap of rusty nails and a couple of ales? Can you envisage the speech and the shouts of a tormented Gollum who got crucified after he innocently pissed on Harry Potter’s spell books? If you can, it could be a good starting point in order to render what you’re going to listen over this 30-minutes lasting visionary and menacingly sinister suite by Lebanese guitarist and sound sculptor Osman “20.SV” Arabi, whose disquieting ambience got remarkably enhanced by talented American singer Alan Dubin, whose distinctive vocals, which sound like recorded while being on pain of death, became quite famous while he used to bring his voice to former doom metal band Khanate. Arabi’s drilling electronic and metallic noises got mirrored by fitting Dubin’s devastated and somehow haunting vocal dramatization, which after so much overflowing evoked atrocity cannot but murmur a word in conclusion: revenge…

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