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The Great Sonic Wave – Tape Version

20.SV The Great Sonic Wave is now available on tape through Black Horizons

For those in Europe, tape can be directly ordered from me (7 Euros including shipping)

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The Great Sonic Wave – Out Now



20.SV was brought to light in the year 2000 by guitarist/sound sculpturer OSMAN ARABI as an ongoing sound project with no restrictions.

In 20.SV’s new sonic work, hundreds of micro-samples of iron and steel objects were recorded, processed, cut, split and edited in multiple ways to form The Great Sonic Wave.

Now the most obvious change is the inclusion of vocalist ALAN DUBIN (Gnaw, Khanate, Old) on this recording, which marks the first integration of a human sound on a 20.SV album. Dubin’s harrowing, bilious and inhumane throat assault turns The Great Sonic Wave into a devouring audio virus.

Vocals/Voice FX recorded in The Haven Vault, Hoboken, NJ USA (2012 – 2013) by Alan Dubin. Sounds sculpted and recorded in Tripoli – El Mina, Lebanon (2008 – 2012) by Osman Arabi. Mastered by James Plotkin. Design by Remco van Bladel.

Distributors: Europe - U.S.A - Japan

Note: The sample below is a combination of excerpts and does not represent the full experience as it’s a one track album.


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The Great Sonic Wave (Coming Soon)

After 5 years of sound sculpting, frequency manipulation, noise deconstruction, micro editing, shootings, explosions, car bomb experiences, insomnia, paranoia, altered mind states and all that is essential to the world of 20.SV, the new album “The Great Sonic Wave” is finally to be unleashed upon the world!

A work that I take great pride in and feel greatly honored to have one of my all time favorite vocalists, Alan Dubin, ripping his throat over its frequencies sending shivers down your spine!!
Mastering was greatly handled by another all time favorite musician of mine, Mr. James Plotkin.

The album will be out out next week through Cavity, the label of sound artist Gert-Jan Prins whom I was fortunate enough to meet and hear at the Irtijal festival earlier this year.
For the time being, here is the first public announcement…