Reviews of Acid Vomit.Human Genocide

Lunar Hypnosis Webzine

May 15, 2006, By JJM, Rated 9 of 10

Industrialized Post Apocalyptic Bio-Nuclear Radioactive FrequenciesYep that pretty much describes this one. With Acid Vomit Human Genocide the oddly named 20.SV create the sound of the world going through nuclear obliteration and the repercussions of this melee. No doubt the soundtrack to the inevitable, when the USA and some foreign Arab country finally decide to cut the crap and send twenty million nuclear warheads at each other, our kids, kids will be hearing this one glittering across the land. Intense feedback, throbbing bass, dark ambient undertones, electronic frequencies, sirens roaring, rumbling noises, explosions, gun fire, and everything else youd expect. The human spirit is at an all time low; Sorrow stretches across the land, pulling us all under into the black slimy belly of this horrifying machine, and the fucking things hemorrhaging to death! This is it; say your prayers, take your vitamins, my Americans we are fucked!

Zero Tolerance Magazine

Issue 12

Placing The ACID VOMIT recording from 2000 alongside a new piece built-up over time onto one CD, 20.SV’s concept is one of channeling visions of a post-apocalyptic, bio-nuclear world into sound. Fascinating and harrowing, the four shorter pieces that make up AV mix up a geiger counter going haywire in the face of a radioactive onslaught with more sensual, destructive and brutal frequencies while the thirty-minute HG is an unrelentingly depressive aural assault that borders on the realms of pure power electronics and not that dissimilar from the early works of Maurizio Bianchi.

Absolute Zero Media

Dark electro experimentation with percussion, drones, noise and a lot more elements in the backdrop is what we have going on here. This is not a project trying to make friends . This will lead to the downfall of mankind if not placed in the proper hands. Its Deep and dark I tell you and 20. SV are on the mission to make us all there slaves. Again another punishing minimalist release from Autumn winds. The noise elements are very low but still make one not sit well with all that is going on here. I would say the best way to present this release to someone is Drone music to go insane by. There truly so many layers going on here that it will take the listener many listens to understand all that is happening here.

Metalwhore Webzine

This heralds the beginning of a multi-CD release detailing a post-apocalyptic earth. Each track on this offering drags the listener through harsh soundscapes of blistering white noise and industrial rumblings. While some “noise” artist seem to be content with downloaded loops and 20 minute tracks of fish tank noises, Xardas shows his audience no such mercy. If ever a recorded sound could submerge a soul into bleakness, this disc will do the trick. There’s no ambient interludes….no beauty….no light at the end of the tunnel….and no rest. It’s relentless and trying and requires stamina on the part of the listener. Not because it’s flawed, but because it’s a journey into the dark most of us would prefer not to take. Some of you will not succeed.

Metal Review

Let’s sidestep all the annoying bullshit arguments over whether something like this is really art or even music at all because the only thing that matters in the end is how you feel about it. Disagree with the bands ethos? Then get the fuck over it and move on with your life. Whether it’s rewarding or not depends directly on your personal penchant for liking music this abstract.

Aural Pressure

When all is said and done “Acid Vomit Human Genocide” is another in a long line of ‘noise’ recordings currently doing the rounds. What it has going for it is, and separates it from likeminded releases, is the sheer impact it makes through the artists vivid imagination. This ‘end of days’ scenario becomes somehow more believable in his hands. His treatments have been well thought out and implemented making for a recording that will appeal immensely to the ‘noise’ fraternity out there who can’t get enough of this type of music. Not the easiest of music to endure, but one that leaves a lasting impression, and for that alone it comes highly recommended.

Heathen Harvest

Most importantly, this album just sounds interesting. Even after listening to it over and over, it still holds attention and doesn’t loose its power. The album truly stands apart among similar releases – while I’m sure much of this was improvised, there’s a sense of direction or narrative to each piece. But the narrative is very intuitive


20.SV, just noise? Sure some people will say that immediately and dismiss it, but for me, it’s simply beautiful. This is expertly portrayed and layered and it paints a wonderful picture of living life under a radioactive environment. For those who enjoy their more experimental aspects and are a bit more open minded to the unorthodox, then this is something for you to observe! This is especially of interest to anyone who enjoys the post apocalyptic story as much as I do. Anyone who enjoys that scenario will surely love these two recordings. In fact, in the novel Level 7, I would say they should have done away with playing classical music on the radio and played 20.SV instead. I think it would’ve been a more appropriate picture to paint for the people there.


If you think the title is kinda weird, well the story is simple: ‘Acid Vomit.Human Genocide’ is a CD containing two of these earlier tape releases, being (yes) ‘Acid Vomit’ and ‘Human Genocide’. It’s all packed in a modest cardboard sleeve with eerie graphics, fitting the minimal yet impressive music very well.

PROJ The Repository

AV,HG is a dark soundscape that drags you through the underbelly of a post industrial nightmare. With no vocals and very little coherent beat you are left to experience this seedy world unfolding before you.